You can call me Ace! My friends call me that way. And I am super delighted to have you here!

I am not sure what to write about myself but About Me is necessary, they say. For authority, I guess. Haha. So, I’ll try.

Again, call me Ace, and I am an avid reader since my 7th Grade.

That was my epiphany of loving books and I talk more about that on how I fall in love reading here.

The Birth of the Wondrous Tales of Ace

When starting a blog, your first dilemma, aside from determining your specific niche, is what to name your site. I am not kidding when I say I have been thinking for straight 14 days on what to name my first niche site.

Then out of a sudden, the word WONDROUS emerged in one silent breezy evening inside my mind. And that’s one from my favorite book The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz.

And with friends calling me ACE, and my dream to tell story, it is a no-brainer and a perfect wordplay. Hence, the nativity of the phrase, the Wondrous Tales of Ace.

I am not sure how I made it but my tagline simply comes perfect with it, There’s so much to see and tell, live!

More than my set goals for this site, I vowed to write down the things I want share with you. From the books I read through the years, my travel diaries, my self-reflected philosophies, my quest for life, and my personal lifestyle. Basically, all about what my mind wants to tell you and heart wants to make you feel.