How to fall in love with reading? My Top 11 BEST TIPS

I never had easy access to books when I was a kid, not until I reached Junior High School.

And while all my batchmates can recall how they can score a sharp 3-points in a basketball ring, mine is sneaking a time at dawn during our sleeping time to finish some Mark Twain.

In this blog, I would like to share with my 11 BEST TIPS on how to fall in love with reading.

How to fall in love with reading

The enchanting allure of books and the magical worlds they unfold. The extraordinary miracles of the saints. They’re just beautiful. Yes, I read a lot of biographies of saints before.

Now, this is the story of how I fell in love with reading.

In my first year, in a private sectarian school in downtown Cebu, I had a roommate who borrowed a children’s book entitled Tigers at Twilight (Magic Tree House No. 19) by Mary Pope Osborne. 

How to fall in love with reading

I cannot forget that name author because it was because of her that I am reading and hoarding books today.

A small book highly suitable for a 13 yrs old teenage kid like me at that time.

And it feels so sweet when you can finish a book. A book. My first book.

Excited to have my library card, I borrowed all sorts of authors in the library and borrowed books every Thursday. 

Pride and Prejudice of Jane Austen to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

To the Life of Saint Francis of Assisi to St. Hyacinth of Poland.

And I’d be devastated if we do not have borrowing books on certain weeks for some reasons like yearly inventory.

I made it to college and when I had Narrative Study, it made reading a lot more wonderful. I met Toni Morrison and Nick Joaquin among others.

The most significant realization about my love for reading came in the understanding that books were more than just stories. 

They were teachers, philosophers, friends, and sometimes, comforting shoulders. They taught empathy, love, courage, and resilience. It’s capable of making you think bigger and smarter.

They whispered secrets of the world, spoke of its wonders, and sometimes, its harsh realities. 

Through the lives of characters, I experienced a spectrum of emotions, from joy to sorrow, from anger to forgiveness.

Loving to read becomes one with me. And that begs the next question.

Can I learn to love reading?

Absolutely YES!

After finishing my first book, it gave me a very nice, good feeling of accomplishment.

It was a lot of fun. Until I found myself expanding to different genres, to big fiction books, history, and self-help ones.

And you can definitely do that too!

You can definitely fall in love with reading again.

You can develop a love for reading by finding the right books, genres, or topics that ignite their passion and by making it a regular, enjoyable habit.

Reading exposes individuals to new worlds, ideas, and perspectives, offering an opportunity to learn, escape, and grow.

Choosing materials that resonate with your  interests and preferences can make it more engaging and rewarding.

Setting aside dedicated reading time, creating a comfortable reading nook, or joining a book club can further cultivate this love.

Over time, as one immerses in various stories and subjects, the appreciation for reading naturally deepens.

How to get in love with reading?

Falling in love with reading involves a combination of discovering engaging content, creating the right environment, and cultivating habits that promote regular reading. 

Here are the things that work for me. Maybe they will do the same with you too. Let’s go!

Start with your interests

Choose books on topics you’re passionate about or curious about. 

Reading something you’re interested in can make the experience enjoyable and less like a chore.

Experiment with genres

Explore various genres like fiction, non-fiction, historical, science fiction, fantasy, biographies, and more. 

Find your kind and tribe. Haha. 

And you’ll be amazed you’re already filling your mini-library.

This variety can help you discover what truly resonates with you.

Block a time for your reading session

With all the distractions around, gadgets and social media, one thing that works for me is blocking time in a day dedicated to reading alone.

Designate a time within your day for reading. At least 15 minutes.

Reignite your love for reading

Set a reading goal

Begin with small goals, such as reading for 10 minutes a day or finishing a chapter in a day. 

Over time, as you get into the rhythm, you can adjust your goals.

Create a Comfortable Reading Space:

Find a spot in your home that’s quiet and cozy. 

Equip it with good lighting, comfortable seating, and perhaps some soft music in the background.

Join a Book Club:

Book clubs offer a communal reading experience. 

They provide an opportunity to discuss books, share opinions, and get recommendations from fellow members.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Audiobooks and e-readers can be a great way to enjoy books in different formats.

 They’re especially handy for people on the move.

Visit libraries and bookstores

Sometimes, I visit libraries for the great feelings I’d feel being surrounded by brilliant ideas bound as books. I visit bookstores and explore new books to read!?

Exploring libraries or bookstores can be a wonderful experience. 

The ambiance, the smell of books, and the vast collection can be quite inspiring.

Incorporate reading into your routine

Make reading a bedtime ritual or a morning routine. 

This regularity helps solidify the habit.

Practice allows your body to remember that and you’ll look for it, hence, the continuity.

Share what you read online

Every time I finish a book now, I share my thoughts on my social media. About the story, the characters, narrativity, the morals I learned, and more! Especially on Facebook.

Like my recent read, The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, I posted an honest thought about that on my wall. It was super uplifting and beautiful. A must read by the way.

Talking about books with friends or on social media can enhance your reading experience. 

Sharing can lead to stimulating conversations and further recommendations.

Be patient and persistent

Like any new habit, developing a love for reading may take time. 

Be patient with yourself and persistent in your efforts.

Remember, the goal isn’t just to read more, but to enjoy the process. 

As you immerse yourself in different worlds, stories, and ideas, you’ll naturally find the joy in reading.

Final Words

It was not a miracle that I fell in love with reading.

It was a gradual process and, in the hindsight, I never exactly saw it coming.

Just read. Just keep reading. Time will come that you miss reading so much. Like it is a real person.

Reading makes me feel good and it allow me to see beyond.

For me, the essence of reading is to able to understand cultures and connections through and through.

Happy reading, loves! ?


How do I train myself to love reading?

To train yourself to love reading, start by selecting books that align with your personal interests or passions. 

Create a dedicated reading space that’s comfortable and free from distractions. Set aside regular, short intervals for reading, gradually increasing the time as you grow more engrossed. 

Over time, as you immerse in varied stories and topics, your appreciation for reading will deepen.

How do you get a passion for reading?

Cultivating a passion for reading often involves a mix of exposure, exploration, and environment. 

Begin by exploring books that align with your interests or answer your curiosities. 

Surround yourself with reading enthusiasts, whether through friends or book clubs, to share insights and recommendations. 

Lastly, create a serene reading space and dedicate regular time to read, allowing the habit to grow and deepen your appreciation for the written word.