Igniting a passion for reading – 7 secrets on how to do it again

Have you ever felt the pang of missing a dear friend, only to realize that the friend you miss is the act of reading itself? 

When I started college, I stopped reading. Not because I don’t want it but because of the commitments I have to do in my studies. Plus some side hustles to fulfill my needs.

I lost it. I lost my habit to read whenever I can. I lost my passion for reading. 

And all I want is for it to be back, that I can read again without heavy shoulders. It’s my first love. That’s a confession right there.

In this blog post, I wanna share with something about igniting a passion for reading.

Welcome, dear readers and rekindling bibliophiles, to a journey back into the world of written words.

We’ve all been there: that precious book collecting dust on the nightstand, the bookmark that hasn’t moved in weeks, or the e-reader battery that’s died from neglect.

And please know that that is completely fine. Life gets in the way; interests shift, but our innate love for stories remains. It’s merely waiting for a spark to set it aflame again. 

Books that will make you cry

Reading, after all, isn’t just an activity; it’s an immersive experience that transports, educates, and liberates. Now, let’s explore the pathways to reignite this profound passion.

Set your comfort place for reading

As for me, it’s my room or anywhere else so long as it’s quiet. Sometimes, I go to coffee shops just to read. Here are some tips on what you can do

Creating a Reading Nook

Imagine walking into a room that beckons you into your current reads. It’s not just about having a chair and a lamp. It’s about crafting an environment

Choose a space – a corner, a window sill, or even a closet. Make it comfortable, add cushions, throws, and ensure the lighting is just right, soft yet adequate for the eyes. Adorning the space with quotes or art that inspire you can serve as a visual reminder of why reading is a joy.

Setting the Mood

Ambiance matters. Just as a good story envelops you, so should your reading environment. Play some gentle background music, perhaps instrumental or nature sounds, to drown out the distractions of the world. 

Dress in your most comfortable clothes – that old sweater, those fuzzy socks. And don’t forget a comforting beverage, be it a steaming mug of tea or a glass of wine.

Well, this sounds too much but I am fine even with my sando and shorts so long as I am comfortable.

Explore your kind of genre

There are readers who are actually specific to their genres. Many love romances and some love historical fiction. While others indulge into self-help and history books.

My favorites are mostly classics and historical fiction. 

Explore New Genres

Remember, as with all things in life, evolution is key. Our tastes change, and so should our reading choices. If romance novels were your go-to, maybe it’s time to delve into a gripping mystery or an enlightening biography. Give genres you once dismissed a chance; you might be pleasantly surprised.

Returning to Old Favorites

Much like rewatching a favorite film, there’s comfort in revisiting old books. 

They hold memories, emotions, and are often intertwined with particular phases in our lives. Re-read them. Analyze what captivated you then. 

Is it the same now?

Seek Recommendations

I love recommendations! Or a crush posted his recommendation to his friends and that’s how The 7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo of Taylor Jenkins Reid became one of my fave reads! Haha.

Now, there’s actually a world of readers out there, each with a treasure trove of book suggestions. 

Ask friends, join a book club, or dive into online platforms like Goodreads. Through shared experiences, you not only discover new reads but also build connections.

Set your REALISTIC reading goals

Again, I will say that again, bold this time, set REALISTIC reading goals. While there are very very few superhumans who can read a book in a day, let’s face it, we’re not at all superhuman.

Adjust according to your own pacing, align to your commitments, and schedule.

Start Small

In our fast-paced world, the thought of reading a 600-page novel can be daunting. Begin with bite-sized pieces. Anthologies, short stories, even poetry. Small steps often lead to big journeys.

Set aside a dedicated reading time

Time is precious, but so is reconnecting with our passions. Designate daily pockets of reading time. Maybe it’s the first 10 minutes after waking up or the last 10 before bed. Consistency is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.

Track your progress

Remember when, as children, we’d get gold stars for achievements? Bring that back. Use journals, apps, or even a simple calendar. Mark your progress, celebrate milestones, and watch that enthusiasm grow.

Making Reading Social:

Joining or Creating a Book Club: Books are personal experiences, but sharing them amplifies their joy. Book clubs are more than discussions; they’re communities. They offer diverse perspectives on a single narrative, enriching the reading experience.

Attending Book Readings or Author Events: There’s magic in hearing an author read their work or share the story behind the story. These events not only connect you to the literary world but also reignite the passion for the written word.

Sharing Reviews and Recommendations: Your voice matters. Share your reflections on a book, engage with others’ views, and create a cycle of literary exchange. It’s through this dialogue that we deepen our appreciation for literature.

Limit distractions

Digital Detox

In this digital age, screens are both a boon and a curse. Designate reading as a sacred, screen-free time. The world can wait, your book shouldn’t have to.

Establishing Boundaries

Just as you would for meditation or exercise, establish reading boundaries. Inform your loved ones that this is your time. A ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, both literal and metaphorical, can work wonders.

Setting a Routine

Humans are creatures of habit. Pair reading with other routine activities. Maybe it’s post-lunch or right after a daily evening walk. When one habit cues another, consistency follows.

Reconnect your soul to the joys of stories

Reading Aloud

There’s a unique joy in hearing words come alive. Whether alone or with loved ones, try reading out loud. Feel the rhythm, the cadence, and the essence of the narrative in a whole new light.

Adapting the Medium

Books are not just bound pages. Audiobooks, e-books, interactive reading apps – they all offer unique experiences. Find what suits you and dive in.

Rediscovering the Wonder

As children, stories were portals to magical worlds. That wonder remains; it’s just buried under layers of adulthood. Peel them back. Dive deep into narratives, visualize, dream, and get lost once again.

Rewarding yourself for reading

I reward myself when I finish a book. Yes, I do that! Even just a simple-coned ice cream from 7/11 or a fried banana.

When I have more time, cook myself something like scrambled eggs and toasted sliced bread. Super simple and cheap, I know, but they sure felt like heaven to me.

Create your reward system

Motivation and positive reinforcement go hand in hand. Set up a reward system – maybe a treat after a chapter or a bigger reward after a book. It’s a celebration of both the journey and the destination.

Document your journey: 

Promise, this is worth it!

I write thoughts about the books I am reading, annotate, and take photos. Sometimes, I post them in my Instagram stories and after a year, they’d appear in my memories and would think what a moment it was.

So yes, capture your reading journey. Note down thoughts, favorite quotes, and reflections. Share them, reminisce over them, and watch your love for reading grow.

Final Words

Rediscovering a passion for reading is akin to rekindling an old romance. It’s intimate, profound, and immensely rewarding. It’s about connection – with words, characters, and most importantly, with oneself. In the cacophony of modern life, let reading be your serene symphony, a melody that resonates with the very core of your being. Let’s turn the page and begin anew.


How do you develop a passion for reading?

To develop a passion for reading, start by choosing books aligned with your interests and setting achievable reading goals. Create a consistent reading routine in a distraction-free environment, exploring various formats like e-books and audiobooks. Engage with reading communities for discussions and recommendations, and diversify your reading choices to spark your interest. Actively engage with the text through annotations, reflections, and note-taking. Visit libraries and bookstores, watch adaptations, and challenge yourself with new genres. Celebrate your reading achievements along the way, remembering that forming a reading habit takes time and patience.

What does it mean to be passionate about reading?

Being passionate about reading means having a deep and enthusiastic love for the act of reading itself, as well as a genuine interest in exploring and immersing oneself in the worlds, ideas, and emotions that books offer. A passionate reader is excited to discover new books, genres, and authors, and finds joy in the process of engaging with written words. This passion often leads to a consistent reading habit, a willingness to invest time and effort into exploring various literary works, and a sense of fulfillment and enrichment derived from the act of reading. Passionate readers may also enjoy discussing books, sharing recommendations, and actively seeking out opportunities to engage with others who share their love for literature.