Penelope Douglas Books In Order – Ultimate Guide 2023

When you are a huge fan to dark romance and steamy plot novels, I am pretty sure you know who is Penelope Douglas.

She’s so huge in that kind of genres. And probably you too is among many who loathe her book Corrupt or found a redemption for her in the book of Credence.

Penelope Douglas have written a lot of dark romance novels. In this blog post, I am going down to provide you a complete guide of her books, in order.

Guide reading Penelope Douglas Books In Order

Who is Penelope Douglas?

Penelope Douglas Books
Penelope Douglas

Penelope Douglas is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Their books have been translated into nineteen languages and include The Fall Away Series, The Devil’s Night Series, and the stand-alones, Misconduct, Punk 57, Birthday Girl, Credence, and Tryst Six Venom.

Penelope earned a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Northern Iowa, largely driven by her father’s desire for her to simply obtain a degree.

However, she didn’t have a passion for Public Administration, so she later pursued a Master’s degree with a specialization in Education at Loyola University in New Orleans.

Penelope worked as a teacher, dedicating eight years to the profession.

Penelope credits Tijan Meyer’s “Fallen Crest High” as the book that inspired her to embark on her writing journey. She was eager to find more books with a similar appeal, ultimately sparked her interest in writing herself.

Penelope Douglas is an American author known for her work in the romance genre, particularly in the new adult and contemporary romance subgenres.

She has gained recognition in the world of literature for her novels, which often feature complex characters, emotionally charged storylines, and romantic themes.

Penelope Douglas Books in Order According to Publishing Date

Penelope Douglas Books In Order – Non-series

Non Series

  1. Misconduct (2015)
  2. Punk 57 (2016)
  3. Birthday Girl (2018)
  4. Credence (2020)
  5. Tryst Six Venom (2021)


  1. The Next Flame (2017)


  1. Falls Boys (2022)

Devil’s Night

  1. Corrupt (2015)
  2. Hideaway (2017)
  3. Kill Switch (2019)
  4. Conclave: A Devil’s Night Novella (2019)
  5. Nightfall (2020)
  6. Fire Night: A Devil’s Night Novella (2020)

The Fall Away Series

  1. Bully (2013)
  2. Until You (2013)
  3. Rival (2014)
  4. Falling Away (2015)
  5. Aflame (2015)
  6. Next to Never (2017)
  7. Adrenaline (2016)

What is Penelope Douglas’ best seller?

Credence 2020
Birthday Girl 2018
Corrupt 2016
Punk 57 2017
Bully (Book 1, Fall Away Series) 2014
Night Fall (Book 4, Devil’s Night Series) 2020
Kill Switch (Book 3, Devil’s Night Series) 2019
Tryst Six Venom (2021)
Conclave (Book 3.5, Devil’s Night Series) (2020)
Hideaway (Book 2, Devil’s Night Series) (2018)
Fire Night (Book 4.5, Devil’s Night Series) (2020)
Falls Boys (Book 1, Hellbent) (2022)
Misconduct (2015)

What is Penelope Douglas known for?

Penelope Douglas is the dark romance genre queen. She is, in general, famous in the genre of romance. She is recognized and popular for writing romance novels, particularly in the new adult and contemporary romance subgenres. Her books are known for their engaging and evocative charged stories with complex characters, and passionate relationships.


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Penelope Douglas Books In Order – Book Overviews

Bully (2013) 

Bully (2013) by Penelope Douglas

In Bully, Penelope Douglas explores the enemy-to-lover relationship of Tate and Jared. Tate returns to her hometown after a year away, only to find herself facing relentless torment from her former best friend, Jared. What begins as a tale of high school animosity gradually transforms into a passionate and intense love story, as secrets and emotions resurface, challenging the characters to confront their pasts.

Until You (2013)

Until You (2013) by Penelope Douglas

Until You is a companion novel to Bully and provides insights into Jared’s perspective. Delve deeper into Jared’s mind as he navigates his feelings for Tate and attempts to reconcile his actions from the past. This story offers a unique and emotional exploration of forgiveness, redemption, and the power of second chances.

Rival (2014)

Rival (2014) by Penelope Douglas

Rival introduces readers to Madoc and Fallon, who have grown up in a world of privilege and rivalry. Their lives are forever altered when Fallon returns home after a long absence, and the once fierce adversaries find themselves drawn to each other in a passionate and tumultuous relationship. This book delves into themes of love, hate, and the thin line between them.

Falling Away (2015)

Falling Away (2015) by Penelope Douglas

In Falling Away, Penelope Douglas tells the story of Jaxon and Juliet. Their complicated past and unresolved emotions come to the forefront when they are unexpectedly reunited. The novel explores the challenges of letting go of the past and embracing a future filled with love and redemption.

Aflame (2015)

Aflame (2015) by Penelope Douglas

Aflame is the conclusion to the Fall Away series, providing closure to the characters’ journeys. It explores the enduring love between Tate and Jared, as they face the ultimate test of their relationship and strive to build a future together while navigating the complexities of their past.

Corrupt (2015) 

Corrupt (2015) by Penelope Douglas

In Corrupt, Penelope Douglas delves into the dark and thrilling world of Damon, Michael, Kai, Will, and Rika. These childhood friends become entangled in a dangerous game of secrets, corruption, and forbidden desires as they uncover dark truths from their pasts. The story is a rollercoaster of suspense, romance, and unexpected alliances. Read more about my review on Corrupt by Penelope Douglas.

Misconduct (2015)

Misconduct (2015) by Penelope Douglas

Misconduct centers around the passionate and forbidden romance between Easton and Tyler. Easton’s career and reputation are on the line as she falls for her college professor, Tyler. The novel explores the boundaries of love, lust, and the consequences of following one’s heart.

Adrenaline (2016)

Adrenaline (2016) by Penelope Douglas

Adrenaline introduces readers to Tate and Quinn, two strangers who embark on a thrilling road trip adventure that becomes a catalyst for self-discovery, healing, and love. The story is a journey of redemption and newfound hope.

Punk 57 (2016)

Punk 57 (2016) by Penelope Douglas

Punk 57 explores the lives of Misha and Ryen, two pen pals who have never met in person but share a deep emotional connection. When they finally cross paths, they discover that the reality of their lives is far different from the personas they’ve presented in their letters. The novel delves into themes of identity, acceptance, and the power of true connection.

Next to Never (2017)

Next to Never (2017) by Penelope Douglas

Next to Never is a novella that continues the Fall Away series, focusing on the character of Quinn Caruthers. It explores her journey as she searches for answers about her family’s past and the secrets that have shaped her life. The novella provides further depth to the “Fall Away” series and offers insights into Quinn’s character and her personal challenges.

The Next Flame (2017)

The Next Flame (2017) by Penelope Douglas

The Next Flame is a companion novella to Aflame and Next to Never. It offers additional perspectives and insights into the characters of Tate, Jared, Madoc, and Fallon. Readers gain a deeper understanding of the relationships and events that have shaped their lives.

Hideaway (2017)

Hideaway (2017) by Penelope Douglas

Hideaway introduces readers to Kai and Banks, who have a shared history filled with pain and betrayal. When they are brought back together, they must confront their past and the secrets that have haunted them. The novel explores themes of forgiveness, redemption, and the power of second chances.

Birthday Girl (2018)

Birthday Girl (2018) by Penelope Douglas

In Birthday Girl, the story follows Jordan and Pike. This unconventional romance delves into the complexities of age-gap relationships, societal expectations, and the pursuit of love against all odds. It’s a tale of forbidden attraction and the courage to follow one’s heart.

Kill Switch (2019) 

Kill Switch (2019) by Penelope Douglas

Kill Switch is a suspenseful romance that centers on Damon and Winter. The story follows their journey as they confront danger, betrayal, and a dangerous secret society. As they fight to protect their love, they become entangled in a web of intrigue and thrilling suspense.

Conclave (2019)

Conclave (2019) by Penelope Douglas

In Conclave, Penelope Douglas explores the lives of Hawke and the narrator. This dark and intense story unfolds within the confines of a secretive and powerful organization known as the Conclave. Hawke’s quest for revenge and the forbidden desires that emerge make for a gripping and suspenseful narrative.

Credence (2020)

Credence (2020) by Penelope Douglas

Credence by Penelope Douglas is a novel that revolves around a complex web of relationships and secrets in a small, secluded town. The story follows Tiernan de Haas, a young woman who is suddenly thrust into the tumultuous world of her estranged step brothers, Kaleb and Noah, following the tragic death of her mother. The brothers offer her a home and protection in their isolated mountainous residence, which is far removed from the rest of civilization. Read my review about Penelope Douglas’ Credence.

Nightfall (2020)

Nightfall (2020) by Penelope Douglas

Nightfall is a novel that delves into the world of secrets, suspense, and passion. It follows the story of Alex and his attraction to his best friend’s sister, Grace. As they navigate the complexities of their feelings, they become entangled in a web of mystery and intrigue that threatens to unravel their lives.

Fire Night (2020)

Fire Night (2020) by Penelope Douglas

In Fire Night, we are introduced to the passionate and tumultuous relationship between Emory and Church. Their journey is filled with drama, forbidden desires, and the secrets of their intertwined pasts. The novel explores themes of love, betrayal, and the power of rekindling old flames.

Tryst Six Venom (2021)

Tryst Six Venom (2021) by Penelope Douglas

Tryst Six Venom tells the story of Raze and Dylan, two characters with a shared history of pain and retribution. Their paths cross again as they confront their past and the dangerous forces that threaten to tear them apart. The novel combines elements of suspense, passion, and redemption.

Fall Boys (2022)

Fall Boys (2022) by Penelope Douglas

Fall Boys is a recent addition to Penelope Douglas’s body of work, and the details may not be available in my training data, as my knowledge is current only up to September 2021. I recommend checking a reliable book source or the author’s website for the latest information and a summary of this book.


Is Penelope Douglas a spicy author?

Penelope Douglas is known for writing spicy and steamy romance novels with strong emotional elements. Her books often feature intense romantic relationships and passionate scenes, so they can be considered spicy in that sense. However, the level of explicit content and heat can vary from one book to another, so readers may want to check individual book descriptions and reviews to find the right level of spice for their preferences.

Do you have to read Penelope Douglas books in order?

As for reading Penelope Douglas’s books in order, it’s not strictly necessary for all of her works. While some of her books are part of series and have interconnected characters, many can be read as standalone novels. However, reading books within a series in order can provide a deeper understanding of the characters’ backgrounds and relationships. If you enjoy continuity and character development, it might be a good idea to read the books in order within a series. Otherwise, you can pick and choose based on your interests and preferences.